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UC Berkeley has many hidden gems around campus, some more well-known than others.  Our board members have put together a map that features ten notable artworks that are scattered around the campus we call home! Explore H.ART's campus map below, followed by a campus guide assembled by Professor Margaretta Lovell from the History of Art Department at UC Berkeley. 

Professor Lovell's map contains extensive information on twenty-two structures forming the UC Berkeley campus, designed by architect John Galen Howard.


We hope these two resources deepen your appreciation for the UC Berkeley campus! Go Bears!


Enjoy exploring The Undergraduate Association's map!


Click on the images for a larger view, or download them using the download button.


Enjoy exploring Professor Lovell's campus map, originally complied for the 90th Anniversary of the building of the Women's Faculty Club.

Click on the images for an expanded view, or download them using the download button.

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