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Teddi Haynes

Co-President & Editor-in-Chief

Teddi is a fourth-year art history major studying the influence of nature and science on Soviet art. She’s focusing on women artists working in the decorative arts and the avant-garde. When she’s not busy being a model comrade, you’ll find her listening to Elliott Smith or watching The Sopranos.


Viv Kammerer

Co-President & Managing Editor

Viv is a fourth-year art history, film and media, and ancient Middle Eastern studies major. They are interested in how art interacts with the environment and are involved in documentary production.  In their free time, you’ll find them listening to Elliott Smith or reading about physics.


Lily Belcher

Design Editor

Lily is a third-year Art History major and Gender and Women’s Studies minor. They’re interested in museum curation and feminist art history. When not cooking up a yummy meal, you can find them drawing sticker designs or listening to the same song on repeat.


Hannah Brooks

Staff Editor

Hannah is a fourth-year History of Art major specializing in architecture, particularly interested in Arts and Crafts iterations of American domesticity. In her free time, she enjoys printmaking, reading, and spending too much time curating Spotify playlists.  


Sarah Chapman

Staff Editor

Sarah is a second-year History of Art student, minoring in English and Digital Humanities. She is interested in the role of museums as educational institutions and in the intersection between technology and the study and education of art. When not studying you can find her reading, at a museum, or ordering a chai latte.


Cassandra Kesig

Design Editor

Cas is a third-year art history major and English minor. She practices poetry, enjoys jazz fusion, and studies folk arts and Americana with an emphasis on material culture and craft.

Lindsay Rule

Design Editor

Lindsay is a third-year art history student minoring in the history of the built environment and the history and theory of landscape architecture and environmental planning. Her focus lies within the built environment.


Connor Vergara

Staff Editor

Connor is a fourth-year art history major and MELC minor. His area of study is new media, as he is a big anime fan and gamer. Connor also enjoys plastic modeling and playing with his dogs!

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