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History of Art Undergraduate Association at UC Berkeley

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Welcome to the History of Art Undergraduate Association at UC Berkeley ! We're a collection of students passionate about art, art history, and all things creative.

In addition to hosting regular events, talks, and get-togethers, the association has compiled resources for prospective and current  History of Art majors. Explore out department's website here, and below, you can find our Digital Resources and Internship Opportunities pages, curated with the goal of inspiring students to delve deeper into their academic interests.

H.ART is open to UC Berkeley undergraduate students  of any academic background. You can join by attending meetings and club events, as well as signing up for our mailing list. Tune into our Instagram to stay updated.

Our association has also put together some fun campus guides and maps, along with some general resources. You can check all of these out under our resources tab!


Reach out with any questions or suggested resources to!

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